144.240 Net Report — 8 check-ins

   Despite meager band conditions, we managed 8 check-ins tonight.  It took a 2nd go-around (had too much time on my hands, LOL) to find the last 3, but I’m glad they were in there.

   WB0NQD  Richard  EM29, KC, Mo. area.            S3 peaks
   N0IRS      JD              EM29 also  KC area               S1
   WB0YWW   Bob      EN22   near Fort Doge, IA  S0        WB0YWW is usually S3-7. 
   K0KFC     Jim           EN35  St. Croix Falls, WI     S0        Good to hear Jim again
   N9UY      Tom          EN54   Grand Chute, WI       S5
   KB9WLM   Larry    EN40   Canton, IL                   S5
   K9JCZ     Gary         EN53   Fond du Lac, WI       30 over S9 (local)
   WB9LYH  Mark      EN54    Rudolph, WI              S9 w QSB

    Thanks for checking in, guys.

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