144.250 Net Report — 13 check-ins

   The Badger Contesters net had good numbers despite poor band conditions. 

   I had several guys email me earlier today to let me know they were going to try checking in from outlying areas.  Called and listened carefully several times in their directions, but absolutely not a peep.   Figures the band would be down tonight.  🙁      Hopefully another time — thanks for your interest. 

   If I don’t give a station’s QTH, they’re basically local.
   K9FI         Jerry     EN53        S5
   W9IPR     Tom       EN63       20 over S9
   KA9AAB   Bob      EN53       20 over
   K9IJ         John      EN52    NW ‘burbs of Chicago    S3
   WB9TFH   Gil        EN53        S7
   AA9GC    Herb      EN63       20 over
   N9NDP   Harvey  EN62  Kenosha    S7
   N0PB      Phil         EM29   Holliday, MO     S5
   N9WQ    Dave       EN53       S9
   K9JCZ    Gary       EN53     20 over
   W9GA    Ken         EN53     20 over
   N9WU   Rick         EN53     S1
   K9KHW   Ray       EN63     20 over

    The early word is that the 146.43 FM simplex net tomorrow night (Thur.) at 8:30pm is *ON*.    As always, I’ll announce the net 100% for sure on the website later tomorrow.  

    I need to remind the FM guys that I got word today about  a pair of 10 or 12 el (I forget) CC boomer yagis for 146/147 ops on FM that are for sale.  Includes the phasing harnesses, a crossboom to mount ’em on, the whole 9 yards.  I can provide the contact info to anyone who’s interested.

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