146.43 FM simplex net *ON* tonight — 8:30pm, 0130 UTC

    Weather’s cheered up considerably this afternoon and it’s a pleasant evening. 

    Let’s get on the air and have an active, enjoyable FM net.   

    On 146 FM, I am omni-only, but it is up 90′.  If you have a vertical beam, point it toward southern Sheboygan Co. 

    I take check-ins by county, starting with local counties first.  Then I open it up to “anyone, anywhere”.  If you’re DX, that’s your cue to say hello.   I do listen hard for any light signals.  As with any net I run, the ability to hear and be heard a long way is highly valued.   In fact, if you hear the net rise up on a QSB peak, feel totally free to drop your call in and we’ll try to get you checked in on the fly.  

   Can’t wait until we get into some good summertime propagation and we start hearing surprises in that 100+ mile range.

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