146.43 FM Simplex net report — 9 check-ins

   Had 9 check-ins to the net tonight, including W0FAY on his vertical beam from Dubuque. 

   W9APE/M       Kevin     Tooling around Sheb. Falls       20 over peaks
   KA9AAB          Bob         Kewaskum          60 over
   KC9KPV          Randy     Germantown     20 over
   KM4G               Marv       Germantown     10 over
   W0FAY          Bill            Dubuque             S3 peaks, QSB, plus QRN on Bill’s end
   KB9YXQ        Keith        Cudahy                S3     Keith’s first time, good to hear him. 
   KC9LFJ         Jeff            Mayville              S7
   W9GA            Ken           Colgate                 S9
   AC9RL           Ron           Kenosha              S2

   Thanks for the activity,  73,
   Todd   KC9BQA

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