Grid activations for June 13-14 VHF Contest. Talking EN55/75/74/64/73/63/72/62

   I’ve gotten word this week of three contest plans.  I’m sharing them with my regional VHF/UHF clubs, and I’ll repost it here:

   Happy weekend,

   Got some good info about contest plans this week and want to share it.

   Looking forward to hearing more plans from several rovers, as well as any fixed stations planning to operate.  It’s important to post your plans because it definitely gets more folks off the fence and on the air.  There’s only two weeks left to get ready, so let’s hear your plans.

   ARRL June VHF QSO Party starts at 1800UTC/1pm central June 13th and runs until 10pm June 14th. (0300UTC time June 15th.)

   EN55 will be activated by newer net guy K9JCZ — Gary.  Gary’s been off VHF for some years and has gotten the bug again.  He’s going to operate from his cabin in the SE part of EN55, near Mountain, WI, with *long* yagis on 2 and 432, as well as 3 elements on 6.  He will be able to get antennas up 25′ on a tower he has inside a nice trailer he’s built for playing radio.

   If he’s not getting enough action from that trailer, he will move to a nearby granite outcropping with a big horizon, and operate from there.

   I have a strong feeling K9JCZ will be playing on V/UHF a lot this summer.  Please remember to look north and get rare (non-existent, really, unless someone roves there) EN55 in your log as a new multiplier.

   I also hope that K9JCZ being loud from EN55 will get others up that way to come out and make noise.

   The EN75fn operation will be from Beaver Island, just off the NW shoreline of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  The fellows doing this will have 6, 2, 432, plus 1296 and 10 gig, and a great water takeoff to the south and west.  
    A lot of  stations from WI/IL/MI/IN and MN will be able to hear EN75, so don’t forget they are up there. 

   The full writeup about EN75 can be found here:

   Getting both EN55 and 75 in your logs in the same contest will really increase your score.

   The third item I have is that KF8QL/R Dave from the W side of Lower MI plans to be out roving on Sat. aft. and/or Sunday.  His early plan is to activate EN74/64/73/63/72/62.
   KF8QL has made improvements over the winter and Dave is pleased to report he now has 6 meter right up thru 10gig.   ALL the bands.   So look for Dave to hand out A LOT of goodies.

   OK, that’s a darn good start.  I’m excited.  Can’t wait to see others post their rover and fixed station plans.
   If you haven’t posted or contested in some time, this summer will be an excellent time to reactivate.  Also consider spreading the word of our clubs, these reflectors to anyone who might be interested.

  (For the website readers, the clubs I’m talking about are,, and )

   Todd   KC9BQA   EN63ao   40 N of Milwaukee
   50 thru 2304  For Frequent VHF/UHF Updates

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