Public Service Opportunity — hams needed Sun. AM, June 28th

   Hello everyone,

   I do not want to get in the business of passing traffic or being a ham radio bulletin board, so this is sort of a one-time deal.  But since this is about diabetes, and I know several youngsters I care about who have it, I’m going to pass this on.

   If you’re not doing Field Day, I hope you’ll consider helping.

   The Tour de Cure fundraiser (bike ride, I believe) in Grafton on Sunday morning, June 28th needs ham radio volunteers to help with communications.

   Anyone who is interested needs to contact the organizer, Peter Cowley.  Peter’s email is  I’ve participated in bowling fundraisers for diabetes thru the years, and if I weren’t involved with FD, I’d have to seriously consider helping out.

   Even if you can’t help, can you please spread the word among your public-service-minded buddies?  Let’s help get Peter Cowley and the Tour de Cure the volunteers they need. 
   Again, contact Peter directly at

    Thanks very much,
    Todd  KC9BQA

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