Quickie Summer VHF/UHF Contest Calendar

    Getting ready to head out to the Ozaukee Radio Club Swapfest in an hour.  Ken W9GA and I are doing a presentation on VHF and VHF Contesting. 

     Here’s a basic rundown of when the contests are this summer:
     May 9th          6 meter Spring Sprint   —   6-10pm central

     June 13-14    ARRL  June VHF QSO party   —   1pm Sat.  thru 10pm Sun.  
    All bands from 6 meters on up. 

    July 18-19     CQ WorldWide VHF Contest —   1pm Sat.  thru 4pm Sun.    6 and 2 meters.  
    The 6 and 2 meter only format is especially friendly toward beginners.    

    August 1-2     ARRL  UHF Contest  —  1pm Sat. thru 1pm Sun.     222/223 MHz and higher. 
    A Midwestern club has  rejuvenated this contest.  We’ll talk more about that in future posts. 
    Sept. 12-13    ARRL September VHF QSO Party   —  1pm Sat. until 10pm Sun.   All bands. 

        Make time on your calendar right now for some or all of these VHF/UHF contests.  You will hear plenty more about them on this website.  A big goal of mine is to greatly increase VHF contesting in our backyard and all across the Midwest/Great Lakes.

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