144 SSB and 146.43 FM nets *ON* this Wed. and Thur.

   Been several days since I made a post, so just wanted everyone to know I’m alive and we’re sticking with the regular weekly net schedule.  

   144.240 SSB net starts at 0015UTC or 7:15pm central on Wed. and is designed to find stations in outstate WI/ILL, plus all of MO/IA/MN and U.P of MI.  I do not look east with the 144.240 net. 
   I start out at 0015 by looking to my SSW, thru Rockford, Peoria and toward St. Louis.  I call “CQ Activity Net” and listen for any callers.  I do this at least twice before swinging the beams clockwise, only about 10 degrees at a time.  I stop calling when I get to my N/NNE, which is looking thru Green Bay into the UP of MI.  

   With the 144.240 net, the check-ins are fairly spread out, so I encourage the use of this page:
http://dxworld.com/vhfqso.html  for better coordination.  I try to type in who I’m hearing, and you can also “raise your hand” if you are monitoring. 
   You can also use that page to let others know you are looking to work the various net check-ins yourself.  If you do QSY, please go down, because I use 144.250 for another net right after the 144.240 net is done. 

   That leads us to the 144.250 Badger Contesters net.  It starts at 0130 or 8:30pm Wed. nights and just like with all my nets, the only purpose is to stir up activity on 2m SSB.  Listen along or say hello.  Stay as long or as little as you like.   You do not have to be a Badger Contester to check in — all are welcome.  
   However, we’d love to have you join the BC’ers, and I’m going to address that in the next post I make.  

   With the 144.250 net, the bulk of our check-ins are from the Milwaukee/Chicago corridor.  So I start that net out by looking only south, getting a list.  Once I’m done with the check-ins from the south, I start swinging the beams clockwise, a full 360.  As I swing the beams, I see who else I have for check-ins and once I’ve done the full 360, I go back to the south, and we start the net, giving every check-in a chance to say hello.   

    On 2m SSB, I have about 100w out, into a 16-el beam on a 26′ boom, up 70′.  Horizontal polarization.  I get out pretty well with that, and have had check-ins up to 200-400 miles away, with normal conditions and a good station on the other end. 

    We’re always looking for more activity, so please pass the word of these nets around. 

    The 146.43 FM net is at 0130UTC  or 8:30pm central, on Thur. evenings.  I am only omni (vertical polarization) on FM, but the omni is up 90′, so I do OK.   Because I’m omni and FM, the range is down from the SSB net, but it’s a good time for getting the repeater guys to try something on simplex.  I call for check-ins from local counties first, and then call for “anyone, anywhere”.  If you’re more than 50-60 miles away, the “anyone, anywhere” call is your cue to jump in.  We always listen for light-copy stations, so if you’re hearing something, do try to check-in. 
    Can’t wait for some nights where the propagation is enhanced and we get a burst of DX-type check-ins.

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