144.240 and 144.250 nets *ON* tonight — no storms within a few hundred miles

    We do have a 60% chance of t-storms tonight in and around SE WI, but apparently they’re going to hold off until later.  So I’m comfortable calling the 144.240 and 144.250 SSB nets *ON* tonight.  Hope we have a great turnout, and I wouldn’t be surprised if signals are enhanced, with the warm, humid weather.  

    One of these nights, we’re going to see the band open up and have check-ins from 200-400 miles away.  I hope tonight’s one of those nights. 

    If you’re new to the website, the 144.240 net starts at 0015UTC, or 7:15 central.   The 144.240 net only looks SSW, SW, W, NW and N from my location, 40 miles north of Milwaukee.  The focus is outstate WI and ILL (Milwaukee and Chicago are welcome to use the 144.250 net at 0130UTC or 8:30 central), as well as all of MO/IA/MN and the U.P of MI.  If conditions allow, we’re always listening for weak ones in AR/KS/NE/Dakotas. 

    With the 144.240 net, we tend to have widely scattered check-ins.  Consider using this real-time VHF chat to have a better idea of who I’m hearing, or to raise your hand if you want me to look extra hard for you.

    As with any net I run, everyone is welcome, the only purpose is to stir up activity on lesser-used portions of 2m. 

    The 144.250 net starts at 8:30pm central with me looking south toward MKE/CHI, where most of our check-ins typically are.  With the right conditions, we have heard from downstate ILL and even into TN.  Once I get a list of the “local” check-ins from MKE and CHI areas, I then swing the beams (clockwise) a full 360, calling CQ frequently.  If you hear me peak up on you, drop your call in there and we’ll get you on the list. 

    I run these nets every Wed. so listen along and say hello when you have the time.  We’ll be here, and in case there’s bad weather, know that I always announce the nets yea or nay here on this website.

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