Enjoy V/UHF? Become a Badger Contester

   I am a Badger Contester, and I invite you to become one, as well.   
   The website is at www.badgercontesters.org.   Who joins the BC’ers?  Anyone who enjoys V/UHF weak-signal work.  Meaning you enjoy getting off the repeater sometimes and seeing what your 6m, 2m, maybe your 70cm station can do on its own.  You do not have to have an engineering degree, or have long yagis up high to enjoy membership.   IF you do have significant V/UHF experience, you’ll have plenty of company with the BC’ers.   There are many active members in BC who have decades invested in V/UHF work. 

   The BC’ers are a fairly low-key, no-dues, low-stress outfit.  The main thing we have in common is a love for V/UHF, plus we definitely encourage both experienced and new V/UHF contesters to get on the air and have a ball during the various contests.   After all, the V/UHF contests are the best time to see 50, 144, 432 MHz come alive on the SSB side.  

    Here’s a link to a full contest calendar for this summer:   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=158
    You will notice the next contest is July 18-19, and it’s 6 and 2 meters only, which is a lot of fun.  I’ll talk in detail about the July CQ WW VHF in a separate post, but for now, start making plans to operate on 6 and 2m in three weekends.   For beginning V/UHF operators, it’s the absolute best contest to start with.   Chances are if you’re reading this, you have either 6 or 2 meters, so you’re ready to contest, right now. 

    The Badger Contesters have a fairly active email reflector, and instructions for signing up on are on the home page, on the right.    The instructions about joining the BC’ers are spelled out if you click the “membership” link on the upper left.   Again, we’d love to have you — regardless of experience or equipment.   If you do join the email reflector, please take a few minutes to introduce yourself, tell us about your station, and ask any questions you have. 
  Also take note of this link:   http://www.badgercontesters.org/club_area.html    That link shows a graphic of the BC’ers 175-mile radius.  You’ll notice that large parts of N ILL, NE IA and W MI are within the 175-mile circle centered on Oshkosh, WI.   If you live within that circle,  join the BC’ers.  It’s free and there’s no obligation. 

    By joining, then your V/UHF contest scores are eligible for inclusion toward the larger BC club competition.  We had a lot of success “getting out the vote” in the January ARRL VHF Sweepstakes, and placed #1 in the country (medium-club category) for total number of log submissions with either 27 or 28 logs submitted.   We couldn’t have achieved that honor without a lot of smaller contesters helping out.  So don’t think that a modest effort isn’t worth the bother.  It IS worth it, and hey, everyone has to start somewhere.  (Just like I got started back in Sept. 2003) 

    If you have specific questions about joining the Badger Contesters, feel free to email me or leave a comment here on the website.

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