Enjoyable 146.43 FM net — 11 check-ins

   Band conditions weren’t anything special tonight, but we had a nice group.

   KA9AAB    Bob        Kewaskum      50 over S9
   KC9KPV    Randy    Germantown   S9
   KC9NZR    Rich        West Bend      50 over
   K9FI          Jerry      Brookfield       S3
   KA9OFA   Pancho  Milwaukee     S3
   KC9PQF     Tom      West Allis       S3
   N9JIY       Mike       Jackson          S9
   W0FAY     Bill         Dubuque        S3  peaks     Bill turned his vertical beams our way and said hello when he could hear us thru his local QRN. 
   AC9RL       Ron       Kenosha         S3
   KM4G       Marv      Germantown   S3 from the mobile
   W9GA       Ken       Colgate             S9

    Field Day is a week from Saturday, and several of us ragchewed later about FD plans.

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