Good nets tonight, glad storms didn’t develop

   We had 8 check-ins to the 144.240 early net.   Conditions were very average, but worked a variety of grids and directions.  My 144 band was super-quiet tonight, and I could really copy the S0-S1 signals. 

   W9CWD      Joe    EN53  Fitchburg, WI     S0 but Q5 with 3 watts
   WB9HLM   Kevin  EN53  Oregon, WI       S9     Kevin’s 1st time checking in, thanks for the shout.
   KB5ZJU     Phil    EN63   Sheboygan Falls   15 over S9   Phil’s got some antenna improvements slated for 2m, both vertical for FM and horizontal for SSB.  
   KC0CF       Mike    EN32  Stanhope, IA     S7  
   W9HQ       David  EN43   Westby, WI        S3
   KA0PQW   Matt   EN33   Ellendale, MN   S2
   K0SIX      Vince   EN35   Big Bear Lake, MN   S0
   K0CJ        CJ          EN34   Burnsville, MN   S0
   Want to acknowledge that K0AWU heard us very light, and I heard snippets of CW, but couldn’t pull it out. 
   Thanks for the try from EN37, Bill. 

    Let’s do the 144.250 Badger Contesters net report now.

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