Link #5 to VHF Contest School — Logging

To this article, I would like to add a few things:

1)  Get in the habit of using UTC time when logging a contest.  Even a domestic one.  Since it’s now summer, central time zone is 5 hours behind UTC.  In other words, I’m typing this at 10:35am.  That means if I worked you right now, I would enter 1535 UTC time in my log.   Please also remember that if we worked at 7:00pm tonight, that would be 0000 UTC time, and a new day in your log. 
      If UTC time just fouls you up, know that you are not alone.  Simply enter your local time and you can always work thru the issue after the contest is done.  Any log you submit to ARRL (you have up to 30 days after the contest is done) will have to be in UTC format. 

2)  I have now found out from experienced contesters and the head of contesting from ARRL  (KX9X Sean) that what mode you enter is unimportant.  That’s a change from some years ago.  So it won’t matter whether you enter PH (for voice — SSB or FM) or CW, or even RY for a digital contact in your log submission to ARRL.  It’ll all be acceptable. 

3)  When I do use a computer logging program, it’s N3FJP.  Others have used N1MM, Writelog or even Roverlog.  Since I’m low-tech, I can’t properly address the ins and outs of each.  You’ll have to do research on your own there.  If nothing else, just enter BAND — TIME — CALLSIGN — GRID WORKED on paper, and you’ll be all set. 

4)  We’ll worry about how to submit your log to ARRL *after* the contest.  You have up to 30 days after the contest to submit your log,  so save that for the post-game show.

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