All SSB and FM 2 meter nets *ON* tonight & tomorrow

   Here’s the weekly reminder about the nets for everyone.  
  144.250 is every Wed. — Looking toward Indiana, and slowly rotating for Ohio and Michigan.  Starts at 2330 utc, or 7:30pm eastern — done by 0015.    The net isn’t just for IN/OH/MI — I hope we have nights where the prop allows contacts into KY, TN, W VA, VE3, W PA or W NY.     I don’t look due south, west, or northwest with this net. 
   Consider using this web page to better coordinate the activity.   I always hope that net check-ins will be interested in working other check-ins, on different frequencies.   Think of my nets as parties, where you are free to mingle around with others.   Far better to have multiple QSO’s on any VHF band, than have a dozen or more stations all tethered to one net frequency. 

   144.240 net is at 0015 utc, or 7:15 central every Wed.  Ends about 0120.  This net looks for outstate WI and ILL, plus all of IA/MO/MN and U.P. of MI.   We also use here, and encourage participants to QSY off the net freq. and work other stations directly.   I start out looking SSW from my EN63 QTH, and slowly go clockwise with the yagi from there.

   The third and last Wed. net is on 144.250 and it’s the Badger Contesters net, starting at 0130 utc or 8:30 central.  Here, most of our check-ins tend to be from the Milwaukee/Chicago corridor, so I start out looking south.   After I get them on board, I do swing clockwise a full 360, looking for check-ins anywhere.   Then once I have a list of check-ins, I go back to south and everyone has a chance to say hello to the net.   There is frequently ragchewing after this net.

    With any net I run, there’s no formal agenda.   Stay as long or as little as you like.  You can talk about your station, anything you’ve been enjoying on the air  (either HF or VHF), the weather, whatever.   All are welcome.  

    The 146.43 FM net is on Thursdays, at 0130 utc or 8:30pm central.  On 146 FM, I am only omni and vertical, but at least it’s up 90′.   The range isn’t nearly what it is with the SSB nets using horizontal yagis, but the FM net gets consistently good numbers of check-ins and is a nice place to meet the repeater folks in the middle.  
    I call for check-ins here by local counties first, and then call for “anyone, anywhere”.   If you’re farther away, the “anyone, anywhere” call means it’s your turn to try checking in.  I enjoy light-copy, DX check-ins, so hope to hear you on the 146.43 Thursday FM simplex net.

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