I speak to the CSVHFS conference this morning

    Well this will be a fun morning.   At about 9:15am, I will speak to 100-150 attendees at this Central States VHF Society conference.   Woke up a little after 4am, and really felt like I’d fall back asleep.  Gave up on that concept about 5am, LOL.  
    I’m not actually nervous, but of course, I’m thinking of all these last-minute ideas to plug into the talk.   Nothing too ambitious —  just hoping I can hit a home run that will immediately increase V/UHF activity levels by 1000%, effective Monday, when everyone gets back home.   Yeahhhhh, righhhht.  

    I realize many of the CSVHFS attendees will visit the website for the first time today, so welcome and thanks for the visit.   Nearly all CSVHFS members are very experienced on V/UHF, so a lot of what I do will seem redundant for them.   What I ask of the CSVHFS visitors is that they keep track of this site, and think of how they can use it to find and elmer new VHF’ers in their own backyards.  

   There’s a strong upswing in activity and new ops in the Southern WI/Chicago area.  That I know.  So already, things have improved.  Now it’s time to throw more pebbles into the VHF/UHF pond, and have ripples spread out in all directions.   It takes way more than one guy like me to do that.   For those of you who are already helping, thanks!  For those of you on the fence, be creative, friendly, encouraging.   Share your enthusiasm with other hams who don’t yet know what we enjoy most in ham radio.  

    There are thousands of potential new VHF/UHF hams in the United States.   I’ve already found dozens since I started doing this promotion back in summer of 2008.   I’ve found a few more at this conference.  A dozen here, a dozen there, and it makes a huge difference.  

    2008 was a good start.   2009 and 2010 has the potential to see strong increases in V/UHF awareness.  Each of you visiting this website has the ability to develop new weak-signal hams.   You are free to use any material here.   Take some time to go thru my various posts and decide what you think would help.   If you have questions, it’s best to email me — I’m good on qrz.com 

   Todd  KC9BQA   EN63ao     40 N of Milwaukee

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