146.43 FM net *ON* 8:30pm tonight 8/27. Plus last night’s 144 SSB net reports

     Look forward to a nice FM net tonight.   

     Like I said, last night’s SSB nets put a smile on my face.   I love hearing about activity, DX, and guys improving their stations — looking forward to bigger and better things.  
      So here’s the specifics:
     144.250 at 2330 utc for IN/OH and MI (including the U.P.  Always looking to include the U.P.) 
     K8VFV     Robert   EN82    Davisburg, MI             S5 peaks  
     N8JDO      Ron     EN62     Holland, MI                 S7
     KC8YJB   Bernard  EN91     North Olmsted, OH   S0   
     144.240 at 0015 utc for outstate WI and IL, plus all of MO/IA/MN and U.P. of MI
     K2DRH          Bob      EN41     Albany, IL       20 over S9
     WB0YWW    Bob      EN22    Moreland, IA    S5 peaks
     W0FAY        Bill         EN42    Dubuque, IA     S9
     N0IRS         JD          EM29    K.C., Mo.         S2
     KC0CFB     Billy Joe     EM29    Polo, Mo.        S0      nice job with 12 els — good to hear you. 
     K9JCZ        Gary       EN53     Fond du Lac, WI   S9  
     WV9E     Dave          EN43     La Crosse, WI     S5     Dave was formerly KB9KTD — congrats!
     K9MU        Justin       EN44    Altoona, WI        S3
     W9GA       Ken          EN53    Colgate, WI        S9
     KC9FQD     Dave         EN54    Stevens Point, WI    S9

     144.250 at 0130  for an entire 360 arc, with plenty of Milwaukee/Chicago as a base. 
    WB9MXX     Nick          EN62    Pleasant Prairie, WI    S9
    K9FI            Jerry        EN53     Brookfield, WI           S5
    N9WU         Rick          EN53    Germantown, WI      20 over
    WB9TFH      Gil            EN53    West Allis, WI           20 over
    W9GA          Ken         EN53    Colgate, WI               15 over
    N9NDP         Harvey     EN62     Kenosha, WI             20 over
    KC9AOV      David         EN52    Edgerton, WI            S0
    W9CWD      Joe           EN52    Fitchburg, WI            S5
    KA9AAB      Bob          EN53    Kewaskum, WI           S7
    K0KFC        Jim             EN35    St. Croix Falls, WI      S1
    WB9LYH     Mark          EN54    Rudolph, WI              20 over
    N9JKX         Dan           EN64    Algoma, WI              15 over
    KV8X          Al              EN63   N Muskegon, MI         S9
    KC9KPV      Randy         EN53   Germantown, WI       20 over
    K9KJM        Ken             EN64   Sturgeon Bay, WI     25 over

    I can think of at least 10 stations last night that raved about how great the bands were for the big opening Sunday night into Tuesday early evening (T-storms shut SE WI down by late afternoon)   I can count another 8 stations that have either improved antennas, added bands, or have plans to do both.   Very exciting stuff.

    Also propagation was very good around Lake Michigan.   Several guys were as loud as I’ve heard them.

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