146.43 FM net report — 11 check-ins

    Had a slow start, with some extra check-ins toward the end of the net, which was nice.   Conditions seemed to be pretty decent — the EN52 beacon (WD9BGA on 144.297) was S9 at the start of the net, which is definitely above average for my QTH.  

    KM4G       Marv     Germantown      20 over S9
    KC9NZR   Rich       West Bend          60 over
    KC9KPV   Randy    Germantown      40 over
    WB9WHO  Tom      Milwaukee         S9
    KC9PQF   Tom      West Allis           10 over
    AB9UA    Mark     Milwaukee           S3
   WB9TFH  Gil         West Allis           S7
   W9GA      Ken       Colgate               S5
   KC9IDE   Steve    Portable from Sheboygan area    S5
   KS8B        Ken       Manistee, MI  EN64    S3     Ken gets the DX check-in award — thanks for stopping by. 
   W8KID   Richard  Whitehall, MI  EN63   S0 — about 50% copy.

    I’m typing this report up at 9:15pm central, and am happy to report multiple QSO’s across the simplex portion of 2m.   146.46, 146.475, 146.55, 146.58, 147.57 and 147.66 are all active.  In fact, I can tell there are 2 separate Q’s on 146.55.

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