All three 144 nets *ON* tonight — Wed. 8/26. Details below

    I suppose many of you might be a bit burned out on radio, given the amazing tropo opening that has been around most of the time since Sunday night.   I’ve read hundreds of posts at that tell the story.    This may have been the best opening in quite a few years.  

    So if you’ve got anything left in your radio tank, let’s get together tonight and talk about how this opening worked for you.   I’m ready for some good stories.  

   Here’s how each net works, in case you’re unfamiliar:

    144.250 early net starts at 2330 utc or 7:30pm eastern.  It looks toward IN/OH/MI and beyond (if good conditions exist).    I start out looking SSE thru the length of Indiana at 2330, and slowly rotate counter-clockwise from there.   I stop when I get to due north, looking into the U.P. of MI.    I don’t look SW, W or NW with this net.  

    144.240 net starts at 0015 utc or 7:15pm central.   I’m looking for all of WI and ILL (except Milwaukee/Chicago areas), plus all of MO/IA/MN and U.P. of MI.   The MKE/CHI check-ins are encouraged to use the 144.250 Badger Contesters net at 0130 utc.  
    With the 144.240 net, I start out at 0015 utc, looking SSW thru most of IL and into E MO.   I slowly edge the beam clockwise, taking check-ins along the way.   I stop when I get to north, looking into U.P. of MI.   I don’t look SE, E or NE with this net.  

    The 3rd and last net every Wed. is the 144.250 Badger Contesters net.   This starts at 0130 or 8:30pm central.   With this net, I start out looking south toward the busier Milwaukee and Chicago areas.   I then go clockwise, and call for check-ins in a full 360.  

     Any net I run has a few principles worth remembering.  
     1)   Only purpose is to stir up more activity on less-used portions of 2 meters.
     2)   All are welcome, no strict agenda or procedure.   Listen along or say hello when you’re ready.  
     3)   Everyone is always welcome to slide off  the net freq. and work other stations.   Far better to have multiple QSO’s spread out across the band, than to have everyone all crowded on the net freq. all evening.  
     4)   I can’t stress #3 enough.   My whole long-term goal is to significantly increase activity on VHF, all the time.   Not just for net nights, not just for big band openings, but all the time.
     5)   Do your part by helping to spread the word.   Get others involved.   Let them know about the nets, and this website.

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