Back from vacation — Big Tropo Opening in Progress. All 144 Nets *ON* This Wed. and Thur.

     Sandy and I got back from St. Louis celebrating our 26th anniversary.    It’s just past 10pm Monday.   Just fired up the computer and see a huge red blob on the APRS map I’ve shared with you readers many times.   In case you’re new, here’s the link:    When you see that link that red, you know you’re in business.    I hope those of you who follow regularly are cleaning up; working 400-1000 miles out on ordinary 144 SSB or CW.  
      You should also notice how active this page is:    I’ve mentioned this link countless times and while it’s often fairly dead, on nights like tonight, the real-time DX spots are rolling in.  

       I also want to let everyone know that the Wed. 144 SSB and Thur. 146.43 FM simplex nets are *ON* this week.   Here’s hoping for great propagation and a good turnout.

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