Funny and true radio story — just happened; good stuff. Or subtitle it “K9JCZ is a 432 God”

   It’s 10:35pm/0335 utc and I’ll have to get the net reports out tomorrow.   I’ll also find a way to edit or condense the CQ Crew posts somewhat. 

    Right now, I just had a totally hilarious (and exciting) thing happen on 432 with a nearby ham, and I want to share it before I forget any details.  

   After the 144.250 Badger net, K9JCZ Gary from EN53 Fond du Lac wanted to test out a new homebrew 432 quagi.  Gary has neighbor issues so he plays VHF/UHF from his radio trailer.   He uses this trailer to rove, and you’re going to hear more and more of him, because he just got started this spring.   He will be out (with his brother helping) in the Sept. VHF contest on Sep 12-13th. 

   So we QSY to 432.100 and he’s nice and strong over a whopping 25 mile path.   Says he’s just gotten an 847 hooked up, and the quagi is 8 or 9 els on a 11-12′ boom, up about 18′.   Says he’s only running 25 watts.   I’m getting him 10 over S9 and he’s pleased.   We ragchew a while, and take a pause every few minutes juuuuust in case anyone else is around.   Nope, nothing heard.   I’m telling Gary that it’d be nice to have someone else from farther away hear us, so he can get a truer test of the antenna’s capability.   He’s telling me yes that would be nice, but mosquitoes have found him and he’s going to pull the plug.  
    While Gary’s telling me this, I do hear someone about a half kc high.   I tune up there and think I hear EN35 mentioned.   Gary turns it back to me and I tell him, hey wait a sec, you might have your tester.   Meantime I hear what sounds like W9GA  excitedly telling us something about DX and I worry we may have somehow covered up some strange, short-lived opening by being on the 432.100 call freq.  

    To keep this short, Gary says he’ll stick around and turn the beam NW.  In the meantime, I determine the DX is K0AWU in EN37, and he’s giving me a 5/2 report.   I don’t even have my beam quite peaked up on Bill, but he also sounds good.  I’m still concerned I may be in K0AWU’s way and he’s trying to work around me.    He makes it clear that no, he’s giving the 5/2 report to me.    

    I’m hoping K9JCZ will hear at least a whisper of Bill, but he does WAY better.   Bill’s giving him 5/3 or 5/5 on peaks, and I’m about falling out of my chair.   Why?  

    1)  I was just telling K9JCZ  5 mins. ago about how scarce random contacts on 432 are.
    2)  I’m running about 16 elements up 75′, putting out 70w, with hardline to the tower.  I’m only 30 miles farther away from K0AWU than K9JCZ.  
    3)  Again, Gary’s got 1/3 the power, 1/3 the elevation with his antenna, and frankly about 1/2 the antenna I’ve got.  Not saying that meanly; it’s just the truth.  
    4)  Now Gary’s telling Bill about his temporary setup and the whole story.   Now Bill’s having a good laugh and they’re hoping I understand.   
    5)   By now I’m totally cracking up, and realizing that sometimes, the band just does what it wants to.  I’m so glad for Gary, and his temporary setup outperforming mine.   Now he’ll think you can work a random 340 mile contact on 432 any old time, LOL! 

        So if K9JCZ asks you if you want to help him test his 432 setup, make sure to tell him he’s 20 over, no matter what, OK?    And if you work me at the same time, make sure you tell me I’m barely above the noise.    We’ll have fun with it, and that’s what counts.  😉 

        Like I said, net reports will be up tomorrow.

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