Need to edit the CQ Crew posts

     The “Promote VHF/UHF” switch in my brain flipped on with a passion yesterday.   I used the website as a memo pad, and ended up with way too much text and detail.   Printed it all out this morning and it filled 7 pages, which was a real shock to me.  

    Sooo… I need to do some serious editing.   The CQ Crew is a great concept, but I need to package it better.   I will find a way and update soon with a more concise post.  

    I get good readership on the website and appreciate that most folks are very busy.   Thing is, though, to improve any aspect of ham radio, it takes time, persistence and motivation.   The whole idea behind the CQ Crew is to increase activity on our bands every day and evening.   If dozens of hams share the load by calling CQ a few hours a month, the payoff will be amazing.   Stay tuned to this website and watch VHF improve, week after week.   

    I want to thank those of you who send me email, check into the nets, find new VHF’ers (and motivate those who had given up).   2009 has been a great year around WI and surrounding areas.   We’ve got a great start, so keep at it, spread the word and continue having fun.

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