Nets just got better as the night moved along

    Won’t have time for a full net report tonight — we’ll gladly get one posted tomorrow.    Know that the 146.43 FM net will be on tomorrow night, as usual, at 8:30pm.   I’m vertical and omni-directional there.  

    The early IN/OH/MI net was slow.   I hope that one gets legs as summer turns to fall.   I suspect the word just has to be passed around better (hint/hint).  

    The 144.240 net for outstate WI and ILL, plus all of MO/IA/MN had good activity.   10 check-ins, plus a few guys QSY’ed up to 144.260 to ragchew and get caught up with each other.  

    The 144.250 Badger net had 15 check-ins and signals around Lake Michigan were very strong.  

    I really was glad to hear from so many tonight who worked all kinds of new grid squares and states during the band opening that started Sunday night and peaked Monday night and into most of Tuesday.   Newer guys and experienced vets had a lot of excitement on 2m and some of the higher bands.     N9NDP Harvey in Kenosha worked a Vermont station on 2m and Harvey had a 5-el quad up 30′, with 150w.    Hardly a superstation, but great results! 

    I was also glad to hear of so many guys who have either made, or are planning on antenna upgrades.    Our friend KB9KTD Dave out in La Crosse is now using his new call, WV9E.    Congrats on the upgrade.  Better yet, he’s gotten a Yaesu FT736R so he’s now going to be on 222, and also using a 100w brick so he can be heard a ways.  

    It was just a really good net night.  It’s great to be back home and hear first-hand that good stuff keeps happening on V/UHF.    Guys already getting fired up for the ARRL Sept. VHF QSO Party on Sept. 12-13.   

    If you can think of VHF-curious hams who need to know about these nets, the contests, or my website, please get them up to speed.   This referral business is working; but we can always use more activity.    For those of you who have already helped, thanks so much.

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