10 check-ins to IN/OH/MI net on 144.250. It’s 7:25pm and WB9LYH is already busy with the 144.240 net.

   Here’s tonight’s 10 check-ins to the early 144.250 net for IN/OH/MI (and beyond if prop allows)
   KC9LCW     Roger    EN61  LaPorte, IN           S7
   KC9CSA      Bob       EN61   Portage, IN          S7
   N8CML       Ron        EN72   Kalamazoo           S2
  KB8U         Russ       EN71   Ann Arbor           S9   why do I always think Ann Arbor is farther N? 
   N8WNA     John      EN82   Royal Oak, MI       S2
   N8FQ        Joe         EN62   Grand Haven, MI  S3
   N8IEZ       Paul        EN82   Warren, MI          S7
   K8VFV      Robert    EN82   Davisburg, MI       S1 w QSB
   KC8ZJL     Dennis    EN71   Cecil, OH              S3
   KS8B        Ken        EN64   Manistee, MI        30 over — lake enhancement?  

   10 check-ins is a new high for this net, after about 2-3 months.   Appreciate everyone getting on. 

    Like I said in the headline, WB9LYH Mark is calling the 144.240 net from EN54cl, middle of WI and he’s plenty loud in most directions.  He’s had 6 check-ins in the first 15 minutes.   Conditions seem good, but not fantastic.   More to follow…  (this is fun being able to listen in for a change!)

     EDIT  8:00pm   —  WB9LYH is a busy guy and doing a good job of moving guys down to .230 or .235 to work each other.   He already has 15 check-ins.   Funny how I’m hearing a lot of them off the side.   Now WB0DBQ is checking in from EN46 and he’s loud here.   S3 when I peaked up on him.   Don’t think I’ve heard from WB0DBQ before. 
     Go figure — LOL — finally good conditions to the NW.   No worries, it’s all good.   Glad Mark’s racking them up.    Wonder if he’ll get into southern VE-land, if the band is indeed up.
     EDIT 10:05pm —  Just got finished with Badger net and 20 check-ins all across the compass.  
     To finish up the WB9LYH net on 144.240, he ended up with 19 check-ins by my count.   I might have missed one or two, but I think I had copy on him the whole time.   Mark did have time to look NE, E and SE, and he got AB8GL EN62, K8VFV EN82, K9XV and KB9RDS both EM69 Indianapolis in the log.   Mark’s 120 miles NW of me and he was hearing the Indy stations 2-3 S units louder than I was.   Mercy!

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  1. steve KB9RDS Says:

    K9XV Tom and my self are trying to check in, only herd Mark for a few seconds and then disapeared. We ar estill here till 9:15 pm or so in Indianapolis