146.43 FM net report courtesy of KC9KPV Randy

    Randy had 13 check-ins last night, with a wide coverage area.   Talking Dubuque to the west, Kalamazoo and Manistee, MI to the east, Sturgeon Bay, WI to the north and St. Charles, IL to the south.   Randy has a rotatable vertical beam that brings a lot to the FM net.  

    I’d like KC9KPV to be net control more often.  He has better reach, and he loves doing the nets.   I would continue doing the promoting via email, always.   I’d probably be a fairly frequent check-in as well.   If you have any comments or questions about this, feel free to email me.  

    So here’ s the net report from last night:
    KB9VSA    Jeff    Cedar Grove     EN63
    KA9AAB   Bob    Kewaskum        EN53
    KM4G      Marv  Germantown      EN53
    KC9NZR   Rich    West Bend        EN53
    K9OA      Clark    Madison           EN53
    W0FAY    Bill      Dubuque          EN42
    WD9IDC   Dave   St. Charles, IL  EN51
    WB9WHO Tom    Milwaukee       EN53
    NK8X        Art      Portage, MI     EN72
    KS8B         Ken     Manistee, MI   EN64
    KC9PQF    Tom     West Allis        EN53
    K9KJM      Ken     Sturgeon Bay   EN64
    KC9BQA   Todd    Adell               EN63     late check in

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