222 sprint update 9:55pm, 32 Q’s, with flat cx’s

   Looking toward Chicago right now and cleaning up with WB8BZK/R, K9JK/R and K9GY/R.   They’re dancing around the EN52/62/51/61 corner and putting some extra Q’s in the log.    Just completed with all 3 of them at 9:55, from all 4 of their grids.  

    Grids worked so far tonight… EN35 (2x) EN44, EN71, EN61, EN52, EM89, EN53, EN66, EN62, EM29, EN43, EN33, EN74, EN82, EN91, EN41 and EN51.    Couldn’t quite complete with K0CJ in EN34, who was S1 here, but has local QRN at his QTH, if memory serves.  

    Also hoping for W9SZ/P in EN50 — Zach said he’d be getting to his hill about 9:30pm central.

    EDIT:   Did get W9SZ at 0323 utc.    Think the last 4-5 stragglers are all ones I’ve worked already.   Hearing nobody from E MO or downstate IL tonight.   Too bad — there’s some nice stations on 222 from those areas.   If I missed you tonight, sorry about that.

2 Responses to “222 sprint update 9:55pm, 32 Q’s, with flat cx’s”

  1. Chris Burke Says:

    Cool… I set up a 5/8 wave vertical at about 25 feet for FM and only worked N9UM. I could hear him working K9JK and co. down around Elk Grove but I was never able to make those guys out. Looking forward to 432 next week, I’ll have sideband for that. 73! Chris N9YH

  2. Vince Mulhollon Says:

    My experience was very similar to N9YH’s experience… Here in Waukesha I had a vertical up about 25 feet, 20 watts from an alinco mobile, only worked K9VS and as far as I know, he only worked me..

    More 222 FM would be nice…

    I’ll be on 432 SSB next week if my antenna work is successful. 73 de N9NFB.