All 144 SSB nets *ON* tomorrow night. WB9LYH takes net control for 144.240 net @ 7:15pm/0015utc

    Have an exciting announcement about the Wed. nets — get to that in a second. 

     First, all 3 nets are *ON* tomorrow night.  
     144.250 is at 7:30pm eastern/2330 utc for IN/OH/MI and beyond if prop allows.  I only look SSE, SE, E, NE and N with this net, from my SE WI QTH.   I end this net by looking into the U.P. of MI about 8:10-8:15pm eastern.   Please spread the word.     
    The late 144.250 Badger Contesters net is also on at 8:30pm central/0130 utc.  With this net, I start out looking south toward Milwaukee and Chicago, where most of our check-ins are.   I then swing a full 360, going clockwise, looking SW, W, NW, N, NE, E and finally SE.   

   The exciting announcement is that WB9LYH Mark in EN54cl  (middle of WI) will be taking over most of the net control duties for the 144.240 net at 7:15pm central/0015 utc.   He’s a far better choice for this net, which targets outstate WI and ILL, plus all of MO/KS/IA/NE/Dakotas/MN and U.P. of MI   He’s a better choice because he’s louder, and closer to the target audience.   I’ve been hearing Mark’s signal this summer and he hears things to the SW, W and NW much easier than I do.  
   Mark and I talked last week, and we’re both excited about this.    He wants to push the propagation limits, and work as many as he can.   With good propagation, he should have reach into most of MO, some of KS and NE, plus the eastern Dakotas, all of MN and the U.P. of MI, plus perhaps some southern VE stations.   If anyone in those regions is reading this post, you need to start spreading the word about a great net on Wed., 144.240 MHz, starting at 7:15pm central.  

    I will continue to promote the nets via email and the website.   I will continue to run the other nets.  I’m not going anywhere.   It’s been great to see activity increase the past year or so, and we’re all going to keep making things better on the VHF bands in 2010.  
   There may be some Weds. where WB9LYH is not available so I’ll pick up the 144.240 net on those nights.   You will always get email and website notification.   If you aren’t receiving email reminders, send a request to me at and I’ll get you on board, no problem.   

     With any net I run, I encourage guys sliding off the net frequency and working each other.   Far better to have multiple QSO’s across the band than to have 10-15 of us on one freq.   This improves activity levels and draws others in.   Consider using this webpage to coordinate.  

    Any questions or comments, just email.  
   73, Todd

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