Another very busy night with the nets — 40 check-ins across all 3 nets

    Propagation was nothing special tonight but participation was very strong.   Nice job, everyone.  

    Had 6 check-ins to the 144.250 early IN/OH/MI net.   
    Had 13 check-ins to the 144.240 net for outstate WI/IL, plus all of MO/IA/MN and U.P. of MI.   Highlights were hearing from EN36 (WB0OFB), EN47 (W0ANH) and EN66 (N8PUM).   I think several of them stayed on 144.240 when I QSY’d to call the Badger Contesters net on 144.250. 
   Had 21 check-ins to the Badger net.   Highlight there was our first check-in from EM69, Indianapolis area.   K9XV Tom was S1 with a 9el beam up 120′ and 50 watts.   K9XV and N9JBW slid down to 144.220 to work each other and I hope some others went with them.  
   Hope participation in the 144 sprint Monday night the 21st is this good.   7-11pm local time.  

   I’m sure I’ll get a full report up tomorrow.   I think some guys appreciate those.  I know I do because it’s easier for me to refer back to the website than my chicken-scratch paper logs.    I still want to sit down someday and hash out an all-time net log.   I know KC9ECI sent me a helpful link to a computer logging program for this app some time ago, but I’m just so dang old-school…  It’ll make for a good winter project.   I need to find that email from KC9ECI.

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