Fall VHF/UHF Sprints start next Monday evening the 21st with 2 meters, 7-11pm your local time.

   One last thing before I pack up for the night.    It’s time to announce the fall sprints.   The sprints are cool because …

   1)  They’re only 4 hours on a weeknight.   7-11pm whatever your local time is.
   2)  They’re only 1 band at a time, so there’s no losing guys when they “run the bands” like we tend to do in the big contests.
   3)  The sprints are pretty casual.   Good time to just enjoy some relaxed fun on the bands.   
   4)  It’s a great time to have a ham buddy over and actually show him/her what is possible on the SSB side of VHF.   Might just get someone to think beyond the repeater.    When I used to monitor 2 meter FM on a scanner as a kid, I sure as heck didn’t know you could work 200-400 miles on SSB.   If I had known that, I’d have thought it was big DX! 
   5)  You can also rove in the sprints, or operate portable from a high spot.    
   6)  You can operate as little or as much as you like.   You don’t have to operate in more than one sprint.  They’re all independent deals — no commitment. 

    Here’s the actual rules link:  http://www.svhfs.org/fall_sprint_rules_2009.pdf  
    If that doesn’t load up for you, then here’s the schedule:
   144 sprint is Monday, Sept. 21st — 7-11pm your local time. 
   222 sprint is Tuesday, Sept. 29th  — same time
   432 sprint is Wednesday, Oct. 7th — same time
   Microwave sprint (any/all bands 900 MHz and up) is Sat. *morning* from 6am-12noon on Oct. 17th
   6 meter sprint is Saturday evening, Oct. 24th, from 2300 – 0300 utc, or 6-10pm central time.

One Response to “Fall VHF/UHF Sprints start next Monday evening the 21st with 2 meters, 7-11pm your local time.”

  1. WV9E Says:

    I’ll be about 4 db stronger for the 144 sprint….