Net wrap-up. 19 check-ins (at least) to WB9LYH 144.240 net called from EN54. 20 check-ins to 144.250 Badger net.

    The three nets tonight gathered a combined 49 check-ins.   I wrote about the IN/OH/MI net on 144.250 at 7:15pm eastern time just below.     At the bottom of that post, I also gave real-time updates as I followed WB9LYH’s progress with the 144.240 net that starts at 7:15pm central.    To save space, I will give a quick rundown right here of both Mark’s check-ins and mine to the Badger net.  

     WB9LYH 144.240 net — looks south from EN54cl at 7:15pm/0015 utc and goes clockwise around the compass.  It is Mark’s intention to do a full 360 sweep.   He probably won’t have time to look east or southeast until about 0100-0115 utc.   He gets a lot of business to his S, SW, W, and NW.    If WB9LYH cannot make it on a given Wed., then I will take the 144.240 net.  
    Mark is very proactive about coordinating contacts between net check-ins off the main net freq.   Be ready to slide down to 144.230, 235, whatever.   Please avoid 144.250 because I need that freq. at 8:30pm or 0130 utc.  

    Mark had:    W0FAY EN42; WB0YWW EN22; W9HQ EN43; N0IRS EM29; N9KOR EN44; KC9FQD EN54; KA0OKM EN42; KA0PQW EN33; W9RWS EN52; WV9E EN43; K9MU EN44; K0JRD EM38; W0DDC EM29; K0AJL EN34; WB0DBQ EN46; AB8GL EN62; K8VFV EN82; K9XV EM69; KB9RDS EM69.  

    I had 20 check-ins to the 144.250 Badger net at 8:30pm or 0130 utc.   I start out looking south, and then sweep clockwise a full 360.    
    NT9E  EN52; WB9MXX EN62; AB8GL EN62; W9GA EN53; N9JBW EN61; KC9KPV EN53; WA9KPZ EN52; KA9AAB EN53; WB9TFH EN53; KA0OKM EN42; W9HQ EN43; WV9E EN43; K9JCZ EN53; WB9LYH EN54; W0ANH EN47; N9JKX EN64; W8LON EN64; N8WNA EN82; K9VS EN53; K9KHW EN63. 

    I’ll make a short post tomorrow but I’m taking the night off from the 146.43 FM net tomorrow night.   Randy KC9KPV will call it, at 8:30pm, like we do every Thursday.   Randy’s in EN53, about 15 minutes NW of Milwaukee and he’s got good antennas.   Hope you give Randy lots of business. 

    222 sprint is next Tuesday, the 29th, from 7-11pm your local time.   Should be a good one.

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