Nice start to 144 sprint — 16 Q’s first 45 mins. in 12 grids

   Nice participation and good conditions, especially to the east and south.  
   It’s usually pretty busy at the start, hopefully some of these guys will stay on past 9-10pm and we’ll keep getting new stations in the log.

   EDIT — 9pm 0200 and up to 47 Q’s in a bunch of grids — paper logging tonight.   Chicago rovers are loud, EN56 and EN66 are loud with N8LIQ and N8PUM in there.  I think this is going to end up being my busiest fall or spring sprint on 2m, after 6 years of getting on for contests.   I’ll need to concentrate SE and E this hour because I haven’t looked that way and the sprint ends for them at 11pm eastern, or 10pm their time.   I hope the guys out to the west and south stay on past 10pm, nudge/nudge.

   Attaboys to K9JK/R and N8LIQ making the path — and now N8PUM as well.   Very nice!

   EDIT — 11:15pm 0415 utc    Ended up with 64Q’s and 22 grids.   Has to be the busiest 144 sprint by a fair margin.   Great job everyone.

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  1. Art Says:

    There were a bunch of clear air returns over Lake Michigan displayed by the Grand Rapids weather radar during the sprint. The area extended offshore from about MKE to the Northern Chicago burbs and east about 30 miles. I’d suspect a small inversion layer developed there and it was helping N/S propagation.