Updated info about the Fall Sprints and about Tuesday 222 activity, every week.

http://kc9bqa.com/?p=953   is a direct link to the Fall Sprints info. 

     The 222 sprint is TONIGHT — 7-11pm, everyone’s local time.  

     The 144 sprints last Monday were the busiest I’ve seen in 6 years of contesting.   Here’s hoping that 222 will have good activity, too.   We’re going to need a lot of stations on tonight because the prop should be down.   After 3-4 weeks of near-perfect weather, the pattern has changed to cold and windy.  

    I’d really like to see the Tuesday 222 activity take off, also.   Talking about getting on 222 every Tuesday evening, all across a wide area of the USA.   This is what we had on last Tuesday:   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1003   

   No formal net control with this.   No set schedule or strict policies.   Just grass-roots participation on 222 MHz.   Most guys are going to concentrate on the 0030-0230utc time frame.   Swing your beams around, call CQ and see who’s out there.  

    Please do your part to promote the Tuesday 222 activity.   Maybe you can’t get on every week.   Well, you can let a few of your local 222 buddies know what’s happening.   Spread the word.    I need to take a few hours to go thru my all-time logs for 222 (contests and band openings) and email them.   If hundreds of 222’ers are reminded each week about this activity, we’ll get enough participation to make this worthwhile.

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