222 Activity Very Good Tonight — 14 Q’s SSB and 3 FM

   Not only was my personal activity good, but we had quite a few in the www.on4kst.com chat, and there were others on from different parts of the USA.    Guys in KY, PA, GA, LA, AL, OK, and KS were all on looking for Q’s.   This was in addition to the guys in OH/VE-3 land/MI/IN/IL/WI/MN that I worked.   
   Conditions were average, at least.    It wasn’t that prop was that great, but the participation was excellent.   That’s what it takes.   You ever notice how prop seems better when more stations get on??  

   Here’s who I worked:
   K9EA  EN71;  N9LAD and WB9WKJ EN62;  N0IRS EM29;  KA0PQW EN33;  K9MRI EN70;  WD8USA EN73;  K8JA EN82;  VE3TFU EN92;  KC8QAE EN91;  K0KFC and K0SIX EN35;  KX8XX EN74, and WV9E EN43.     I got on just after 0000Z and pulled the plug about 0330.  
   Here’s who I saw was on, via prop logger and on4kst.com chat:    WK4R EM95;  K5SW EM25;   K3TUF FN10;  WA4QYK EM86;   WB4NKM EM87;  K4ESA EM74;  W4ZRZ EM63 and N5OMG EL49.   If I missed someone, I apologize. 
    That’s a darn good start.   Keep spreading the word, everyone.
    In case anyone new is reading this, 222 Tuesdays are for everyone with 1.25m, everywhere.   You get on and call CQ, swing the beams in all directions.    On/near 222.100 SSB/CW and 223.500 FM.   If it gets busy, spread out a little bit.    Suggested times are roughly from 0000-0300Z.
    EDIT– (Wed. morning)   Want to add that I heard multiple CW signals last night, which is great.   What is not great is that I’m garbage at copying them.    So you CW folks, keep doing your thing and you hams like me, never throw in the towel on CW.    Somehow, someway, I’ll make the time to improve.   That’s a promise.   The CW goes so much farther than SSB — it’s just crazy that someone like me isn’t already at 10 wpm.   (Most V/UHF guys will gladly slow down for you; they’re pretty casual that way)  
     I could even see forming some sort of CW support group (or better yet, having someone else take responsibility.  I’d love to see more and more input and help from readers here).    I used to think I was the only dunce in class that didn’t know CW very well, but I’m finding there are lots of us out there.

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