44 check-ins to both nets combined tonight, whew! Band opening at 10pm to AL/GA/TN

    We did not have DX with the nets tonight.   We had wonderful participation.    Probably the busiest night without any tropo that I’ve seen in 16 months of running these nets.  

     Now guys at 10pm are reporting DX paths to AL/GA/TN.   Guys earlier were reporting openings, too.   I know WB0YWW in EN22 worked some long-haul tropo about 7pm.    It’s over my head, but EN35 and EN44 are working a variety of stations.   I’m watching them on www.on4kst.com chat.    I just heard a bit of W4ZRZ EM63 on 144.215, but very light.   I imagine tomorrow morning will be very active, so there’s your heads-up.  
     EDIT — 11pm —  Still seeing all sorts of spots with Deep South working IA/IL/MN/KS and N WI on 144, 222, 432.   It’s honestly over my head.   Listening and calling on 144, 222 and 432 and nothing.     This is a really good opening. 

     Look for a full net report sometime tomorrow.

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