44 combined check-ins to 144.240 and .250 SSB nets last night.

    Here is last night’s Net Report.    It was amazing.    It wasn’t that my conditions were enhanced, it was just the sheer number of VHF’ers that were on.   We had at least 10-12 new all-time check-ins.   Very healthy for the 2 meter band.  

    If you’re looking for tonight’s 146.43 FM net announcement, it’s right below this post.

    I took 144.240 last night at 7:15pm central, for WB9LYH Mark in EN54cl.    I heard:
   W0FAY and KA0OKM EN42;   N9UV and KD8PA EN72 off the side;  KB9WLM EN40;  W9SUS EN61;  KB0WLT and N0WC in EM48;   N9SVE EN63;  N9LOH EN52;  K9TF EN63;  WB0YWW EN22;  KA9AAB EN53;  WV9E EN43;  K9MU and N9KOR EN44;  K9STN EN54;  WB0DBQ EN46;  KC8TJB EN72;  K8VFV EN82;  N9YK and K9EA EN71;  KB9RDS EM79 and K9XV EM69.  
    That spans the area from Ft. Dodge IA to the W, Duluth MN to the NW, Detroit to the E,  Indy to the SE and St. Louis to the S.   
    Many check-ins were new to me — thanks for jumping in.   New ones were N9UV, KD8PA, KB0LWT, N0WC, K9TF, N9KOR, WB0DBQ, KB9RDS and K9XV.   

    On 144.250 at 8:30pm central I heard:
    NT9E EN52;  K0TPP EM48;  W9SUS EN61;  K9TF EN63;  N8FQ EN62;  W9GA and K9VS EN53;  W9EWZ EN61;  N9SVE EN63;  KA9AAB and KC9NZR EN53;  KD8PA EN72;  W9LIO EN61;  N9IXX EN63;  N0RWR and W0FAY EN42;  W9JN EN54;  K0SIX EN35;  WV9E EN43 and VE3TFU EN92, who was S2 on peaks over a 380 mile path.  
    It was nice to hear new voices  K9TF, W9EWZ, KD8PA, W9LIO, and N9IXX.   
    I always joke that I get a nickel for every check in, and a quarter for new ones.   I made out like a bandit last night.  🙂 

    If anyone from the Dakotas, Kansas or Nebraska is reading this post, thanks for the visit.   Here’s what little I know about the 144.240 Looking West program we tried from 8-8:30pm.   I know WB0YWW Bob in EN22 did look west and he found WD0T in DN94, South Dakota.    I also know that N0IRS EM29 was not available.   Nobody has emailed me with any further info, so that’s all I know.   
    I will keep trying to find ways to have stations to my west, look even further west and find stations in the Dakotas south into KS/NE/OK on Wed. nights.   It may be that for those areas, calling on 144.200 might be better.     As always, we’re a work in progress.   If anyone reading this has thoughts, I’m all ears.   I like brainstorming.   You can leave a comment here on the website or email me directly.   My email is good on qrz.com.  

    Many check-ins were monitoring the www.on4kst.com chat.   I wish everyone did, but I am a dreamer.   It really helps when I can tell interested hams where I’m pointing and who I’m hearing in real-time.   And see their messages to me, instantly.    If all VHF’ers gathered together in a real-time chat room, activity would explode because they could communicate where they are looking, on what freq.     For instance, if I had various Dakotas, KS/NE stations in chat, I could have told them in real-time what was going to happen, and they could have told me what they heard.  
    The 144 Propagation Logger at dxworld.com was very busy last night.   That’s because there was a whopper of a tropo opening.   Guys were working a lot of DX.    I received a great email about the opening from a newer guy in Alabama, and I’m posting it next.    (With his permission)  
    This email will help new guys see why I’m always banging the drum for more V/UHF activity.

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