Here’s what USA needs for VHF/UHF Chat — Sign up today has a free, no obligation VHF/UHF chat that all are welcome to use.    This is what we need to improve activity.   During  nets,  band openings, any time at all.   Sign up is simple and free.    Chat when you want, or just observe.

EDIT — March 10, 2010.   This post was originally made on 10/4/09.   I’m updating it today because ON4KST has created a new 144, 222, 432 and up chat for IARU Region 2 (USA/VE/XE).    The 7 steps below for signing up remain the same.

There’s a popular IARU Region 2 50 MHz chat on that 100’s of USA/VE hams already use.   I always thought it would be good to have a 144 MHz and up chat, too.   Now as of 3/10/10, ON4KST has kindly created a V/UHF chat we can use, any old time.   It came online early today.

On this page, you can see who is logged in, on the right.   When you’re on the air, looking for stations to work, wouldn’t you enjoy seeing who is on the air, and interested in QSO’s?     You  type a  message to someone and they see it instantly.   From what I see, there are no losers or trolls here.   Everyone gets along and is having fun.

How do you sign up for the chat?
1)   Go to   Click on “Try the low band, 50/70MHz, 144/432MHz …. chats”
2)  There’s the chats you can join.    Choose any one — you have to register first anyway.
3)  So choose a chat, and now you see “Not registered yet? — Click HERE”   Click that.
4)  Enter your email, call, password (choose your own), grid square and name.   Click register.
5)  Shortly, you’ll get an email with your activation key to log in.
6)  Once you’re registered, click on the IARU Region 2 144/432 chat, and see what’s going on.
7)  Also enjoy the IARU Region 2 50 MHz chat.   Many USA/VE and some DX  use it.   Lots of good ham discussions go on in these chat rooms — the 6m room is how I learned at least 50-70% of what I know about weak-signal V/UHF ops.

Spread the word that VHF/UHF’ers everywhere should get registered for this chat.   It’s totally free and no strings attached.    I expect it will be a huge aid to working more DX on 144 and up as we head into spring and summer.

One Response to “Here’s what USA needs for VHF/UHF Chat — Sign up today”

  1. Stan Says:

    I have signed up on the ON4KST 144/432 Chat. I think this is a great idea.. I am in Florida and operate my station remotely in FN01xt. The 144 station runs a KW and a 2M5WL 160 feet in the air. The site is 2400 feet ASL.

    Stan, KA1ZE/3