KC9KPV Randy just NW of Milwaukee *ON* 146.43 FM at 8pm central tonight. He will look toward MI, IN and IL with his vertical beam between 7:30-8:00pm central.

     I’m taking a night off so our other net control Randy KC9KPV is *ON* the 146.43 FM net tonight.   Please get on and say hello to Randy in Germantown, EN53.     Good station and big signal out of Randy; you should hear him.     On FM, he will be vertically polarized.   He will call for check-ins at 8pm by county.    Everyone is welcome; spread the word. 

     There is a chance for T-storms tonight, so if it’s sparking near Randy at 8pm, then someone else say hello and see if you can start your own radio fun.    Anyone can create activity.   

      I also want VHF’ers in MI/IN and IL to know that KC9KPV looks your way with a vertical beam up high, on 146.43, trying to get more DX-type check-ins.   This is separate from the 8pm net.  
      KC9KPV calls CQ toward MI on 146.43 right at 8:30pm eastern.   He then goes clockwise, looking toward IN a bit after 8:30pm eastern/7:30pm central.   He finally looks into N ILL about 7:40-50pm central time.    The purpose of this is to expand our range, and encourage new check-ins with stronger stations.  If you’re reading this from MI/IN/IL, please spread the word to your FM buddies.

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