6 Meter Sprint Report + Early Info About This Week’s 144 SSB Nets on Wed.

     Worked 33 Q’s in 14 grids in the 6m sprint last night.    Activity was decent.   Not as busy as the 2m sprint back on Sept. 21, but that night had very good prop.    Last night, prop was down and the band was a little noisy.    It was very nice to run into a few new calls on 6.    Sounds like the word continues to spread about getting more guys on V/UHF. 

      I’m not one to study meteor showers much, but there must have been some rocks leftover from the Orionids that were supposed to peak on Wed.   I noticed a lot of pings, but no long burns.    WD0T in DN94 from Pierre SD was very proactive about trying to work to his east and I believe a few got him via rocks.   

      I heard no Eskip.   W9RM Jay in EN52 IL worked 2 stations in FN41 about 0015.     

      Aurora made a 10 minute appearance here from 0030-0040.    The chirp on CW signals was unmistakable as I pointed north.   You new guys, if you don’t know about Aurora, I’d search YouTube for a video/audio clip of it.   You have to hear it to believe it.    Try searches like “6 Meter Aurora” or “50 MHz Aurora” or similar.   You could do the same on Google for more information.  

      For anyone who’s looking ahead to the Wed. 144 SSB nets (using horizontally polarized antennas) here’s some early info:    I am calling BOTH 144 nets this Wed.    WB9LYH will not be available, so I’ll call them both.   Please spread the word.     It’ll be funny to watch me call CQ, and update everyone about our progress in real-time on the www.on4kst.com chat.    I’m up to it, no worries  🙂 

     Net #1 is 144.240 from 7:15-8:30, or 0015-0130 utc.   I start out looking south from 40 miles north of Milwaukee, and then swing clockwise, going SW, W, NW, N, NE, E, SE — a full 360.     When I look your way depends on how many check-ins we get.   It really works smoothly if you follow along with me at the chat.     I always announce where I am pointing on the air.   Finally, I always call CQ twice in a given direction before moving the beams 10-15 degrees at a time.   That’s my pattern.    
     Net #2 is on 144.250 from 8:30-9:30/10pm, or 0130 on…  Same procedure; start out looking south and swing clockwise a full 360.    
    Remember that we encourage net check-ins to QSY down and work each other.   Far better to have multiple Q’s going on across the band than to have 20-30 guys all camped out on one freq. mostly listening to me.   Consider me a party starter.   I want to say hello to lots of check-ins, then I want you to feel free to spread out and mingle with the other guests.   Using the www.on4kst.com 144/432 MHz chat is the best way I know to coordinate Q’s with other guys on different frequencies. 
     The more guys start spreading out, the healthier 144 gets.   We’re on our way to making Wed. nights very active across a wide portion of the Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes.    That’s the long-term goal here.

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