This Week’s VHF/UHF Activities

    The Fall Sprints ended on Sat. night with  6m.    The next contest is the ARRL JAN VHF Sweepstakes.    The early weather forecast for Jan 23-25th is 34 degrees and sunny, so make your plans now!       

    TONIGHT  —   Great 144.250 net run by N0PB Phil from EM39, N Mo.    Very long range.  
N0PB starts out at 7:45pm/0045 with omni Big Wheels (horizontally polarized) up high.   Then at 8pm, he switches to the horizontal beams and looks S first, then E, then N and W, before going back to south about 9pm.    Phil’s been doing this net a long time and it’s very popular.   Give him a listen or say hello, any Monday.

      222 TUESDAY tomorrow night.   Use 222.100 SSB or 223.500 FM.   A few key points:
      1)   This is not a net.   I’m the promoter; but the focus is *everyone* with 222/223 MHz. 
      2)   Get on the air, call CQ, swing your beams any Tuesday that you are able.   Between about 0000-0300Z is fine.  
      3)   Talk this up and spread the word to anyone you know, or any clubs, groups, newsletters.    Send this website post to friends with 222.   I’m fine with anyone using my material, if it’s to promote on-air activity.  
      4)   We’re looking to make 222 Tuesdays a nationwide thing, so again spread the word. 
      5)   Consider using the 144/432 MHz chat room at   This chat is free and simple to register for.    7 simple steps for registering are at    
      You are not required to use the chat.   Using your rigs to work others is the objective.   But the chat room shows who all is logged in, what grid they are in, and who’s working who.   It’s light years ahead of the 144, 222, UHF Prop Loggers that we now have.    You can actually have a little fun in there, too, if you care to.   It’s nice talking to guys in other areas and finding out what they’re hearing, what their station’s like, etc.   
      WEDNESDAY —   144 SSB nets are *ON*.   I am net control for both 144.240 and 144.250 nets.   WB9LYH will not be available this week.      Look toward KC9BQA in EN63ao, or 40 miles north of Milwaukee. 
      If you want to read how the nets work, please skip halfway down thru yesterday’s Oct. 25th post.    New wrinkle is we’re going to try to find more activity in IA/MN/Dakotas/NE/KS.   I’ll have more about that tomorrow or Wednesday.     N0IRS in EM29 and WB0YWW in EN22 are going to turn SW, W and NW at some point with the 144.240 nets, and see if they can find stations I cannot.  
        If you’re in W IA, W MN, all of the Dakotas, plus all of NE and KS, *please* let anyone you can think of know to get on 144.240 Wed. night, about 8-8:15pm central, or 0100-0115.   We’re going to try and make this a long-term commitment, to involve VHF’ers from 400-800 miles SW, W and NW from Wisconsin.    If we can ever get consistent participation from the U.P. of MI, they could also expand our range north into Canada several hundred miles.     
      The idea is to keep expanding the circle, and giving more VHF’ers a reason to play radio.      Heck, if we can end up expanding the circle to the south and southeast, that’s fine, too.   We just don’t seem to get many check-ins beyond Chicago, so it’s up to downstate ILL or IND to get motivated.    St. Louis area is perking up recently.  

      THURSDAY — I call the 146.43 FM net at 8pm, as usual.   Checkins here are normally from S and E WI, but we do encourage anyone to try and hear us.    Always listening for weak ones. 
      KC9KPV in EN53 just NW of Milwaukee has been looking into MI/IN/IL with his vertical beam on 146.43 from 7:30-8:00pm.   If you have an interest in FM simplex and you’re in MI/IN/IL, please look his way between 0030-0100 on Thur. nights on 146.43 FM.

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