144.240 and 144.250 nets *ON* Wed. night

    As usual, a lot of RF goes out from WI on 2m tomorrow (Wed.) night.  
   WB9LYH in EN54cl (middle of WI) will start up on 144.240 at 7pm cent./8pm east./0100 utc.   HE NOW STARTS OUT LOOKING ENE INTO N LOWER MI, AND THEN MOVES CLOCKWISE FROM THERE, GOING A FULL 360.    He has an hour and a half to play radio, and as you know by now, he gets out a long ways.    It gets busy and even if you can’t work WB9LYH directly, look toward WI and see if you hear anyone calling for relays on 144.240.   Or you may hear net check-ins slide down to 144.230 or lower, looking to work others.    

    I am up on 144.250 at 8:30pm central/0230 utc.   I call to my south first, and work the Milwaukee/Chicago (and downstate ILL, too, if they’re on) check-ins.   Then I swing a full 360, going clockwise, looking for anyone/anywhere.  
    Get signed up for the www.on4kst.com real-time chat if you want a clearer picture of what’s going on with the nets and the spin-off activity.    I update during WB9LYH’s net and let folks know where he’s looking and who he’s working.  Everyone is welcome to use the chat, and coordinate contacts you might not make otherwise.

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