222 Tuesday report — we keep trying.

    Bands tonight were not in good shape, but we did have some activity, especially to the east.   In fact, it’s 9:35 central/0335 utc and I’m hearing W3KWH in PA signing with N8WNA in EN82.     When KWH gets on (believe it’s a club station out of Pittsburgh) they get out a long way.   I’ve worked them before on a few bands in contests.  

    In no particular order, here’s who got on tonight, or was posting to either www.on4kst.com 144/432 chat or using the 222 Prop Logger.    N8WNA, N8IEZ (also EN82), N9LAD EN62, N8PVT EN64, KX8XX EN74, VE3TFU EN92 (he has a 2 watt beacon from EN93vd on 222.055, and I actually heard it briefly)   Also saw WV9E EN43, WO9S EN61, WB4NKM EM87 and N8KXG EN91 being posted.    K5SW Sam in EM25 posted that he worked  W0RT in EM27.   
   WP4O Ed in EL87 Tampa was nice enough to email and say that the word was being spread in FLA.  

    I called several times on 223.5FM (I’m limited there) and only worked N9LAD EN62.   Later, I did hear W9IIX come up from the Chicago area, but he was very light and in Q with someone else.    N9LAD has let the Chicago guys on their 224 machines know we’re looking for 223.5 simplex activity on Tuesdays.  

   This is no 144.240 net, but we’re holding steady.   Glad the word is spreading. 

   One idea to spark more activity — it would be great if some guys would go rover or portable for these 222 Tuesdays.   Or for the 144 nets/activity on Wed’s.   Before the weather goes to full-blown winter.   This would really work if they posted their plans ahead of time, so lots of guys would know to get on and look for them.    Anyone/anywhere could do this.   Put a rarish grid or grid corner on the air, and say, “Come and get me”

One Response to “222 Tuesday report — we keep trying.”

  1. Robert Gallahan Says:

    Heard the announcement on AR Newsline. Will give 220 FM a try more often on Tuesday evenings. We have a 220 SSB net around here on Tuesday evenings too! http://www.rmvhf.org/net.html

    Bob G.
    224.960 Repeater (no tone.)