Light 146.43 FM Net Tonight — 5 check-ins

    Just wrapped up the net at 8:40pm.   Tonight we heard from:

   KC9NZR      West Bend
                 KC9KPV     Germantown
                WB9WHO   Milwaukee
                KM4G        Germantown   
                K9KHW      Milwaukee

    Had some time to ragchew.   Have a few items of interest for the website.

   FIRST — No 146.43 FM net next week — Thanksgiving.   Both myself and KC9KPV will be with family and away from the rigs.   If anyone else wants to start something next Thursday, you are more than welcome to call CQ and see who wants to play radio.    Anyone can create activity.  
  2nd —   WB9WHO was curious if anyone on the net has experience with the Bilal ISOTRON antenna.   It’s a smaller jobbie for HF.   If you have any comments for Tom, share them here, using the “comment” feature or send me an email and I’ll pass it along to WB9WHO.  
  3rd —  K9KHW wanted us to know to look for a portable station next Wed. with the 144.240 net.   W9NHE will have a 2m dipole and 100 watt rig up at his deer camp, near Land O’ Lakes/Phelps WI, on the WI/Upper MI border.   He’ll try to check in with that setup.  It will be a chance to get either EN55 or EN56 in your log.  

   KC9KPV called toward MI, IN and IL with his vertical beam from 7:30-8pm central time and heard from KC9JET who is on the SW side of Milwaukee.   We’ll keep exploring ways to find some guys farther away with interest in working 75-150 miles on simplex.   If anyone has any suggestions about finding those guys in MI, IN and IL, pass them along.

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