This Week’s Activity on the Bands. Welcome Mat out for Some New Visitors.

    Had a pleasant weekend, capped off by the Packers hanging on for the win.   
    This was also a pleasant weekend because we’ve found interested hams from the St. Louis area.   I’ve emailed with fellows who are spreading the word down there.    If you are new to the site, welcome and thanks for the visit.   Think of this as a V/UHF newspaper.   If you read the paper a few times each week, you’re all caught up with what’s going on.    You fellows near MO also need to know that the 2010 Central States VHF Society’s conference is in Bridgeton, MO this July.   That’s on the NW side of St. Louis.   Visit the CSVHFS website at   
    This year’s CSVHFS get-together was in Elk Grove Village, IL, near O’Hare and about 200 of us got together for a wide variety of activities.    Technical programs galore, a V/UHF swapfest, great Sat. night banquet with prizes, and plenty of socializing every night in hospitality suites.  

    Tonight (every Monday) you have N0PB Phil’s SWOT (Side Winders on Two) net.   144.250 from 7:45-9:00pm or 0145-0300Z.   N0PB is in EM39, Holliday MO.   Big station — I hear him almost all the time in SE WI (when he’s pointing this way).     Phil’s procedure is to use omni Big Wheels from 7:45-8:00pm.   Then he switches to a beam at 8pm, looking south, then east, then north, then west, and back to south by about 9pm.  
If you want more info about SWOT, here’s their website:

    Also tonight — there’s a 432 net called by N4PZ Steve from EN52gb, or just west of Rockford, IL.   He comes on 432.100 every Monday at 8pm/0200Z.   Beams are awfully pointy on 432, but N4PZ has a huge 432 signal.   When he peaks up on you, you should hear a BIG difference.   He’s been getting 10-20 check-ins across a wide area, so if you want to play radio on 70cm, Monday’s your night.  

    If you’re brand new to SSB operation on V/UHF, know that horizontally-polarized antennas are the norm.  
   Come to think of it, if you’re brand new, you’re probably wondering what all this “EM39” or “EN52” is all about.   Those are grid squares, which is the way that V/UHF guys keep track of location and where they’ve worked, like HF guys keep track of countries or regions.   Google “Maidenhead Grid Squares” to learn more.   In the meantime, if you want a grid square map you can look at, here’s a link.  is a colorful one.

    Beyond tonight, it gets murkier for me.   I may be traveling Tues/Wed. nights.   I’ll post more when I know for sure. 

   I know that WB9LYH will be busy for most of Wed. night.   He thinks he may get on 144.240 about 8pm, but that’s not a guarantee.    It would be a relief to know that you Wed. night net guys will take up the slack and make your own noise.   Be prepared to do your own thing this Wednesday on 144.240 and 144.250.   Stay tuned here for later updates.  
    I can say that 146.43 FM on Thanksgiving Night is *OFF*.    Neither KC9KPV or I will be around.   If you want to call CQ at 8:30pm and see who’s around, please do.    Anyone can create activity.  

    Even if I’m not around on Tuesday night, it shouldn’t matter one bit for 222 Tuesday.    222 Tuesday is for everyone, everywhere, so spread the word and enjoy.    Get on/near 222.100 SSB/CW or 223.500 FM during the evening hours.   Call CQ, swing your beams, make noise.    Spread the word to your friends and get this great band going.    Consider using the real-time V/UHF chat at for better coordination.   It’s free, no BS, and the Europeans who enjoy it so much are mostly asleep during our evenings.   They don’t mind us there, either.   I’ve had a few nice keyboard ragchews with several of the fellows there.    7 simple steps to get signed up to that chat are at

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