This Week’s Nets/Activities are *ON*

     Our Wed. 144.240 (0100-0230Z) and 144.250 (0230-0330Z) nets are *ON*.   
     Thur. 146.43 FM simplex net is *ON*, starting at 0200Z.  
     222 Tuesday is *ON* tomorrow night.   This is a general activity night for anyone with 222/223 MHz gear.   Use 222.100 (slide up/down a little if it’s busy) SSB/CW or 223.500 FM and see who’s out there.   Call CQ, swing beams, get something started.  

      In  my first Nov. 23rd post just down the page, I gave details about Monday night activity.   You have N0PB’s wide-range net on 144.250 SSB, starting at 0145Z with omnis and switching to yagis from 0200-0300Z.   N0PB is in EM39, north-central Missouri.   He has a 300+ mile signal.  
      If you want 432 activity, then look toward EN52gb (just a little WSW of Rockford, IL) for N4PZ on 432.100 SSB at 0200.   I hear he’s been getting 10 – 20 check-ins.   That’s great to hear.

     Later in the week, you have another net option on Thursdays.    N9JBW has been calling the Q5 net on 144.220 SSB for some years now.   John is in EN61, south side of Chicago and has a good group.   John invites new ones to say hello.   This net is at 0100Z every Thur.  

     Sunday evenings have plenty of activity, too.   K9TMS in the far northern suburbs of Chicago started up a new net this summer on 144.250, at 0100Z.   An active V/UHF club out of Minnesota ( has nets on multiple bands on Sunday nights.   Go to    The 432/222 info should be good, but I’m never around on Sunday nights.   Can anyone confirm that the 432/222 NLRS info is good?    
     I can confirm the NLRS 6m and 2m net info.   K0SIX is on 50.175 at 0230 from EN35.   Vince has a nice signal and gets out a long way.    KA0PQW Matt in EN33 runs the 144.260 net at 0300.    I know both Vince and Matt and they enjoy new check-ins.   Give them a call if you’re playing radio on Sunday night.  
    Michigan is also on Sun. nights… K8NFT, from EN62, SW Lower MI calls a net on 144.155, starting at 0230. 

    If you’re brand new to V/UHF, be aware that all these SSB nets use horizontally-polarized antennas.    Any SSB operations on 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm use horizontally-polarized antennas.   If you only have vertical capability, you may hear something if you’re close enough to net control.    But two SSB stations should be able to work each other in the 100-300 mile range, if the antennas have a decent horizon and you have at least 50-100 watts.

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