146.43 FM Net Has 12 check-ins

   Nice friendly net tonight.   Guys kept dropping in and ragchewing continues at 0245Z/8:45pm central.   We encourage ragchewing after the net.    Tonight we heard from:
   KM4G  Germantown;  N9YCN  St. Francis;  KD9LEH  Milwaukee;  N9NFB  Waukesha;  K9FI  Brookfield;  KX9M  Bill;  KC9PQF  West Allis;  KC9NZR/M  Washington Co.;  W9IPR  Cedarburg;  K9BKJ  Greenfield.   Had a few guys who were farther than 50-60 miles out and they were K9OA Clark, in Madison and N9JKX Dan, in Algoma.  
    This was the last 146.43 FM net for 2009.   That’s because the next two Thursdays are Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.   Weather permitting, we’ll be back at 8pm on January 7, 2010.

    Here’s a heartfelt “thank you” to all our FM check-ins the past year and a half.   I’m sure we’re over 100-150 different calls, in the past 18 months.   And you fellows who are on board most of the time, thanks for being the foundation.   Also want to thank KC9KPV Randy for picking up net control when I’m unable.

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