146.43 FM Net Report from Thursday

    We heard from 6 VHF’ers on Thursday, on a frigid night.
    They were all local.
    KC9NZR   Rich   West Bend
    KM4G       Marv   Germantown
    KC9QNH    Fred  Kewaskum
    WB9WHO  Tom   Milwaukee
    WB9TFH    Gil    West Allis
    W9GA       Ken    Colgate
     Everyone’s signal was pretty good, compared to their typical strength.   
     KC9QNH is new to hamming, and he was 60 over, full scale here, on an admittedly short path.   Still, Fred had a very nice signal.   Learned later he was using either 5 or 10 watts.   Great to hear him on simplex.  
     Even though this net has had fewer check-ins for several weeks, we keep getting new ones on board, which is a great feeling.   The whole reason why I promote these nets so heavily via email (you guys really have no idea, LOL) is so that we get a variety of hams at least thinking about V/UHF.    If we can get dozens of new guys on over time, then we’ve done something very special.   Another thing is that most nights, the bands are still too quiet.   So it’s very important to have good activity at least a few times a week, so that anyone who is new won’t immediately lose interest.  

      I know we have a holiday lull coming up.   Don’t mistake that for these nets fading away.   OH NO.  🙂   We have way too much momentum to let up now.   2010 is going to build on what we’ve done since summer of 2008.   I will be using the quiet time during the holidays to  update the website with longer-term goals and to take pleasure in what we’ve already accomplished.   I hope you check back often and if you have ideas of your own, please share them using the “comment” feature.   Or email me.

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