222 Tuesdays Are Making Progress

    Actually have a couple of things here.    I’ve not been around on Tuesdays, but I am hearing some good things.   If we keep this going during winter, it will really pay off come springtime.    I know the following areas have come alive on SSB:    N FLA, TX/OK, and also the MI/OH/KY/VA/PA region.  

    KB9Q distributes a weekly newsletter every Friday via email to several hundred hams in/near S WI.   This week, Sherm mentioned that he worked both SSB and FM Q’s during 222 Tuesdays.    That will help raise awareness. 
    I also got a nice email from K5VH in EM00, Central TX.   He reported 7 fellows got on 222 from TX/OK last Tuesday.  Besides K5VHF, there was also W3XO/5 EM00;  W5UWB EM17;  W5LUA EM13;  WA5VJB EM12;  K5SW EM25 and W5IFS EM10.   That’s a nice wide territory they covered.   K5VH reported that conditions were only fair, but the interest in 222 Tuesdays is growing.   Good to hear. 

    222 Tuesday is ON every Tuesday.    It’s not a net, nor is there a specific area to focus on.   It’s a general activity night, from roughly 0100-0400Z.   It’s for everyone, everywhere.   Get on/near 222.100 SSB/CW and call CQ.   Swing beams in various directions.   If you have FM-only gear on 1.25m, then try out some simplex.   See how far your station gets out.   Call CQ on/near 223.500 FM and see what happens.    Spread the word, either among your weak-signal friends or on the 223/224 machines.

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