Activity for the Week of Dec. 14-18th

    I’ve made several updates this weekend, scroll down if you’re interested. 

    As far as I know, everything is *ON* this week.  
                  222 Tuesday is always *ON* because it’s for everyone/everywhere.    

    WB9LYH and I both expect to be on our 144 SSB nets Wed. night.   WB9LYH is on 144.240 at 0100Z.   His QTH is EN54cl, middle of WI.   He starts out looking east into MI and VE-land at 0100Z, and then swings slowly clockwise, calling CQ often and gathering check-ins from a wide, wide area.   Probably looks SE about 0110-15, S about 0120-30, SW about 0130-45, W about 0150-0200 and N about 0210-30.   All times approximate +/- depending on activity.  
Please consider using the 144-432 MHz chat at to better keep track of what all is going on.   I’m in there, updating in real-time, during the 144.240 net.  

     I am on 144.250 from EN63ao, or 40 miles north of Milwaukee, starting at 0230Z.   I start out looking south, and  say hello to our core group of MKE/CHI check-ins.   I then swing clockwise a full 360.   I typically don’t look toward the eastern time zone until after 0300Z.   I may change this policy in 2010; we’ll see. 

     I expect to be on 146.43 FM simplex at 0200Z on Thursday night, as usual.    Unlike the SSB nets, I am only omni-directional here.   If you have a vertical beam for FM work, point it toward me.   Sometimes we get some surprises with the 146.43 net, and because I enjoy DX, I listen hard for weak ones.  

     Because things can always change due to weather, equipment problems, it’s a good idea to check the website prior to any net.   Allour Wed/Thur nets get announced here, yea or nay.  

    For other regional activity, please read on.   Please support these nets as time permits. 

     SUNDAYS:   Every Sunday, we have multiple things going on.  
     K9TMS Tom calls a 144.250 SSB net from the far N side of Chicago at 0100Z every Sunday.
     NLRS ( has active nets on at least 6 and 2 meters Sunday nights.   Both net controls have good stations and enjoy hearing from everybody.   K0SIX Vince is on 50.175 at 0230Z, from EN35, about an hour north of the Twin Cities.   KA0PQW Matt is on 144.260 at 0300Z, from EN33, far southern Minnesota.  
     K8NFT Bob calls a 144.155 net from EN62, SW Lower MI, and this one starts at 0230Z.

      MONDAYS:   You have both 144 and 432 MHz activity.   N0PB Phil calls a wide-coverage net from EM39, North-Central MO.   Starts at 0145Z with a Big Wheel omni-directional antenna.   Then switches over to a horizontal yagi at 0200, looking S, then E, then N, then W, and back to S by about 0300Z. 
      N4PZ Steve hosts 432.100 (SSB) activity, starting at 0200Z.   He’s in north-central ILL, EN52gb, a bit west of Rockford.   Big 432 station, gets out a long ways.   Beams are very sharp on 432, so be patient if you’re inexperienced.   You might think nothing’s going on and then N4PZ will come up to S9 out of nowhere.   N4PZ has been stirring up 10-15 guys most nights, so be aware of this 432 activity.   Some of the participants will QSY up to 432.110 to try and work each other.

      THURSDAYS:   N9JBW John calls the Q5 net from EN61, South side of Chicago, on 144.220 at 0100Z.   Nice station and good participation with this net.   John would be pleased to hear from you — he encourages all to say hello. 

      That’s everything I can think of within several hundred miles of WI.   If there’s activity I missed, let me know.

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