Time Flies — It’s “next week” already. 222 Tuesday *ON* tonight.

    Several things to talk about today.   Immediate one is 222 Tuesday, which is *ON* every Tuesday night.    General 222.100 SSB/CW and 223.500 FM simplex activity night for the entire USA.   Get on in the evening hours, call CQ, swing beams around if you have them.   Do what you can, when you can, to make this great band more active.   
    I will be adding more to this post as the day goes along.   For now, it’s 7:10am central time and I at least wanted to get the basic 222 Tuesday announcement up.

    I will say that the Jan issue of QST (got mine yesterday) has more V/UHF articles of interest than I normally see.    Page 48 has a positive review of the Jetstream JT220M 222 MHz FM transceiver.   This is the first review of a 222 rig since Nov. 2003.   Page 44 has an article about how to build a 2 meter Log Periodic Dipole Array.   (NOTE:  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend building this antenna — not if you want really good DX performance.   But it is very positive to get Joe Q. QST reader thinking about the horizontal side of 144) 
    Page 79 of the Jan QST has an article by KX9X Sean, ARRL’s Contest Branch Manager.   It’s a nice full-page article on FM Contesting.   The MRAC FM Simplex Contest is mentioned in the 3rd column.   MRAC guys, spread the word, I’m sure you’ll be proud of this nationwide publicity.   
     On Page 81 is the full write-up about the 2009 ARRL UHF Contest.   Our friend from Chicago K9JK John wrote the article and describes a very positive trend in log submissions and rover activity.   We had A LOT to do with that, right here in the Midwest/Great lakes.
     Finally, on Page 86, is W3ZZ Gene’s monthly “The World Above 50 MHz” article.   The Central States VHF Society’s annual conference gets prominent mention.   If you follow this website closely, you know I’m a CSVHF member, and I recommend you join.   (www.csvhfs.org)  The two conferences I’ve been to (Minneapolis 2006 and Elk Grove Village, IL 2009) were great events.   Talking 200 or so V/UHF’ers from all across the country.   Many interesting technical presentations.    Antenna range, Rovermobiles on display, great nightly fellowship in hospitality suites, fun banquet with awards and door prizes on Sat. night.   The conference in 2010 is in Bridgeton, MO, on St. Louis’ NW side.    Info is up at the CSVHFS website.

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