11:15am — 25 Q’s this morning in 4 hours. Slooooooww.

    Band conditions and overall participation are down this morning.     W9FZ/R is out doing his thing, but is very light today, compared to his Dodgeville location(s) yesterday.    Worked K9EA EN71 on 5 bands which was nice.   Got N2BJ in EN61 on 4 bands.   Got into IA finally with N0URW and nearby K3JNZ, both EN41.  
    Been calling a bunch on 6 and 2, in all directions.     Very sparse.    Called on 146.55 and .58 for about 10 minutes — nil.    WV9E in EN43 was nice to email y’day and say his area was very busy.   Good to hear that.   I know some Chicago guys said there was a big local push down there, to exploit the EN52/62/51/61 grid corner.    Sounded like newer rovers just getting their start, the way I understood it.  
    Prolly need to get busy again here before football starts up at mid-afternoon.  
    If you’re on the fence about operating, know that it usually gets busy the last hour or two of any contest.  

    Can someone make 6 meters open up?   Even for just a half hour?

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