144.240 and .250 SSB nets *ON* tonight.

   The 144.240 net called by WB9LYH in EN54cl is *ON*, with the usual 0100Z start, looking east into MI and beyond, if prop allows.    Mark then swings clockwise, calling CQ, ending up looking north toward 0215-0230,  I will be on 144.250 from EN63ao, calling the Badger Contesters net at 0230Z.   I usually spend a good half hour with Milwaukee/Chicago locals before I start swinging the beams clockwise.   If you’re in eastern time zone, I may not look that way until 0330 or later.  
     If you want more details about the 144 nets on Wed., read this post:   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1780   Please read the 2nd paragraph and consider monitoring the net progress via www.on4kst.com real-time chat.   A few dozen already follow along in the chat.   In time, we’re going to make Wed. a very wide-range activity night for 144 SSB, whether you can work our net or not.    20-30 guys working net control is OK, but dozens of guys taking charge and creating their own activity, in different directions is exactly what VHF/UHF needs.  
    Keep spreading the word.   We’ve got good momentum.   During the dead of winter, we’ve got 20-40 guys playing 144 SSB across multiple states and a few dozen grids.    Can’t wait until we get warmer weather and better propagation.

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